Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris

Map Zimbabwe NewAny hunt in Africa, is without a doubt, a unforgettable experience for old clients and newcomers. Zimbabwe lies between the great Zambezi river in the north and the great Limpopo river in the south. Each client hunts with their own Professional Hunter (PH) to ensure maximum chances of success in your hunt. Everyone of the PH’s are unique in their hunting and guiding abilities and knowledge of the bush. (The stories around the campfire will not be forgotten). Professional Hunters train and undergo examinations for two years before receiving their Full Professional Hunter’s Licence. They are registered and licensed under the National Parks Authority with each PH issued with a unique Licence Number.

About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country bounded on the North by Zambia and Mozambique and the West by Botswana. Formerly the British Colony of Southern Rhodesia, the territory was unilaterally declared independent in 1965 and adopted a republican form of government in 1970. After a 15 year bush war, the territory installed a black majority government and became independent in 1980 as Zimbabwe. The total area of the country is 150,873 square miles, slightly larger than the state of Montana. The majority of the country, excluding cultivated land, is made up of Mopani hardwoods. The Lowveld to the Southeast is made up of extremely thick Jesse bush, while the rolling midlands and Matetsi region are less dense. The total population of Zimbabwe is approximately 12,000,000, with the Shona representing 71%, Ndebele 16% and whites repre-senting less than 1%.

Passports and Visas Valid passports.

Visas can be purchased at airport on arrival and are US 30 per person. Good idea to have correct amount in notes.

Firearms and Ammunition

  • Temporary firearms and Ammunition permits are issued on arrival by the Zimbabwe Customs section at the airport.
  • Whilst gun selection is a personal choice, automatics are not catered for. Therefore we advise a 30 caliber bolt action scoped rifle which would be suitable for antelope and leopard. Premium grade bullets such as Barnes North Fork or Swift are suggested. For dangerous game the minimum caliber is 9.3 or larger. Premium grade bullets such as Barnes, Swift trophy bonded must be used. For thick skinned dangerous game such as Buffalo and Elephant solid bullets are recommended.
  • Scope and mounts are important and must be of good quality. 60 rounds per caliber is suggested divided up between premium, expanding, and solid bullets.
  • Rifle choice for cats should have a premium scope with good light gathering an illuminated retical really helps in low light conditions.
  • We do have firearms for hire if the need arises.