Brian Van Blerk Safaris

About Brian Van Blerk

Brian van Blerk was born in Zimbabwe in 1971. Brian was raised on his fathers game ranch. With access to wildlife and guns at his disposal Brian honed his skills in hunting and knowledge of Africa’s vast floura and fauna.

Ever since Brian was introduced into professional hunting it was his ambition to enter the safari industry. After leaving school in 1989 Brian pursued his passion and started his apprenticeship in Zimbabwe hunting on numerous big game concessions all over Zimbabwe. Whilst still an apprentice hunter Brian started his big cat hunting experience by hunting the weary (PAC) cattle killing leopards of the Zimbabwe low veld.

In 1995 Brian passed his professional hunters license in Zimbabwe and worked for numerous safari companies in and around Zimbabwe. In 2001 Brian passed his Tanzanian professional hunters license. With his large amount of hunting experience and conducting over 150 big game safaris. Brian has personally harvested over 136 leopards ,56 trophy lions ,over 300 buffalo and 50 elephant bulls. Brian has been on numerous outdoor big game hunting shows on african safaris within the United States.

With great success cat hunting he earned the nick name cat man amongst friends and clients. In 2010 Brian won the award at the Zimbabwe professional hunters association for biggest big game animal harvested outside the country.

Brian Van Blerk